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01. Research

To produce the optimal profile for carbon ceramic braking components, LeMyth’s patented production processes use interwoven continuous carbon fiber and silicon carbide, the first-choice materials for high performance brake systems in high performance cars. The unique LeMyth carbon material is characterized by it’s light weight and stable attributes at high temperatures and it’s resistance to thermal shock. The product hardness is also the key to a longer life time when compared to the chopped fiber carbon rotors produced by our competitors.

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02. Design

Superior performance, extraordinarily lightweight and endurance life: in a racing environment these are the factors that make the difference for a braking system. It is exactly in this context – track competition – that carbon-carbon rotors best express their distinctive qualities. These rotors have been conceived, designed and built applying technologies which have been fine tuned for Aeronautical and Formula 1 brakes.

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03. Develop

LeMyth braking components utilise latest developments in PAN (Polyacrylonitrile) technology , a carbon fiber precursor, as well as 3D needling and weaving technology. Continuous carbon fibres are laid over each other and needled together to produce a robust structure — the carbon fiber preformed body is finished with CVI & RMI. Ideal densities are achieved between 1.8-2g/cm3, which makes sure of the highest structural strength and lowest wear rate amongst our competitors.


Performance and Style

Perfect braking efficiency in all conditions
Thermostability --- 1750°C
Specific Heat Capacity (Cp) --- 1.0~1.75 kJ kg-¹ K-¹
Thermal Conductivity --- 40~80 W m-¹ K-¹


Carbon Ceramic Braking

The unrivalled strength of continuous carbon fibre technology.
Density, Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength:
200-300% Improvements over
Other Chopped fiber brakes


Ferrari 458 brake set

Precision manufactured for the most prestigious performance cars

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